Sales & Support

EXMS is designed and engineered to address the difficulties in handling the offline examination process of colleges and universities. This system will be installed on a centralized sever in the college or university and will be accessible from any LAN connected machine in the campus. For more information on the installation process please visit the product overview section.

To buy or to know more about the costing of the system please contact our sales team which can be reached best through email at The costing of EXMS varies depending upon the type of configuration you want. The table below explains more about different configurations available.

Pre-ConfiguredThis is the setup with most common system flow of colleges. This is cutomizable to some extend using the settings. To understand the pre-configured flow please refer our product overview section.Contact
CustomSome colleges may have typical workflow. In this setup the EXMS will be programmed according to the college's specific requirments.Contact

Take a 14-day trial

Register for free 14 days full featured trial and explore all the functionalities of EXMS on a specially hosted trial enviornment. Expedite your decision to automated the examination process of your college or university using EXMS.

All sales are entitled for 1-year free support. The support includes any bug encountered due to any reason. Our support engineers are dedicated to provide any type of support. If it is possbile our support engineers will visit your college else the support will be provided using the modern communication tools for remote accessing and debugging. Our support team can be reached best through email at

In-case you do not have a centralized server with your college or university, we can provide you with installation of EXMS on a dedicated secure server with static-ip which can be accessed over internet. For more information on the installation process please visit the installation section.