College/institutions/universities usually have different courses for the students. Each faculty can access the students entity who has the appropriate rights. The function of entering these students to EXMS is done from here. The functionalities provided are as follows:

- Select Course
- Adding/Editing/Deleting student
- Create login
- Academic Session
- Student personal login
- Student self analysis

Select Course

Faculty can see unassigned students by selecting unassigned option from the dropdown button beside add new student button as shown in screen-1. Screen-2 shows the students under the selected course.
(This is managed by faculty/admin)

Screen-1 (click to enlarge)
Screen-2 (click to enlarge)

Adding/Editing/Deleting student

Students can be added to EXMS for any course and academic session. The adding of student is usually a one time process except for new enrollments to the college or university. Once the student is added, every year he/she will be promoted to higher standard by changing his/her academic session.

The students can be added by clicking the "Add Student" button. This will open a pop-up screen to add new student, one at a time or many students can be added at once as shown in screen-3 and screen-3a.

Once the student is added operations like editing/deleting can be done by clicking the operation icon against his/her entry in the table which displays the menu as shown in the screen-4.
(This is managed by faculty/admin)

Screen-3 (click to enlarge)
Screen-3a (click to enlarge)
Screen-4 (click to enlarge)

Create login

Students can only give exam or access any information related to him if he/she has their exms login credential. Students login can be created by faculty/admin by clicking on the button as shown in screen-5 which is resulted in a new screen as shown in screen-6 where details can be added.
(This is managed by faculty/admin)

Screen-5 (click to enlarge)
Screen-6 (click to enlarge)

Academic Session

Students will not be able to appear in any assessment unless they have been alloted to any course. Academic session is a process of alloting a course, year and semester to a student. This is done as show in the Screen-4 and Screen-7.
(This is managed by faculty/admin)

Screen-4 (click to enlarge)
Screen-7 (click to enlarge)

Student personal login

Students can be login from his exms credential created by the admin/faculty. Screen-8 shows the dashboard of student once the student successfully login to exms. Student personal details and the latest assessment can be seen in the dashboard as shown in screen-8. To see the more assessments if any click the "Exam" menu tab or "Go to exam" link as shown in screen-8 which is redirected to a new page as shown in screen-9. To take a test click on the arrow icon on the last column of table as shown in screen-9.
(This is managed by student)

Screen-8 (click to enlarge)
Screen-9 (click to enlarge)

Student self analysis

Student can analyse their own progress for a subject through different assessments. This can be done using the "Analysis" tab in student personal login as shown in screen-10.
(This is managed by student)

Screen-10 (click to enlarge)
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