EXMS is online examination application designed to replicate the customary paper based academic examination process, online. Unlike other online products available in the market which are student oriented, EXMS is institution oriented where it simplifies the process of academic exams to a great extend. Considering the focus of this application being mainly on making the examinations online, EXMS provides much functionality like:

  • Manage collage/institute/university information
  • Course management
  • Subject management
  • Faculty Management
  • Students Management
  • Assessments Management
  • Question Bank Management
  • Creation Of Exams
  • Creation Of Question Papers
  • Publishing Results
  • Analysing the overall academic progress of a class

EXMS from institution point of view will help the faculty to easily manage each and every process for exam conduction by providing them with powerful tool to set-up question papers, schedule exams for classes, valuation of papers and declaring the results. The complete record of each exam, may it be for complete class or an individual student is stored and can be accessed when needed.

From students point of view EXMS gives then the ease to solve the question paper on any modern smart devices like computers, tabs, mobiles which supports web browsers. Students can retrieve their historical exam data for analysis and comparisons as and when needed.

The main architecture of EXMS is explained in the diagram below.


As shown in the above diagram each college/institution/university can have multiple courses like B.E, M.B.B.S and L.L.B. New courses can be added as and when required. For each course mandatory fields like academic pattern (yearly or semester), subjects, and study plan have to be defined. More information on this can be found in the setup section.

Question bank is the main repository of questions related to subject for a course. Question and answer added to this repository are used to set the question paper for the assessments. For more information on this see the exams section.

Faculty and students are managed using easy to use user interface. Faculty with admin rights can manage all the courses of the college while other faculties are bind to a single course and one or more subjects. Students are added and assigned to a course. There academic session can be changed as they move higher classes and also their progress can be monitored. For more information on these modules please visit faculty and students sections.

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