College/institutions/universities usually have teaching staff like Professors, Lecturer, Teachers and non-teaching staff like Dean, Lab-Attendants, Exam Co-ordinators. Each of these staff has their own responsibilities from teaching to setting up the exam. The function of entering these staff to EXMS and assigning them rights is done from here. The functionalities provided are as follows:

- Adding/Editing/Deleting faculty
- Create login
- Assigning rights

Adding/Editing Faculty

Adding the new faculty is done by clicking add new faculty button as show in the Screen-1 below. On clicking add new faculty button a new screen will be shown where the details can be entered as shown in Screen-2. Faculties added will be listed in the table and the editing and deleting action can be performed as show in Screen-3.

Screen-1 (click to enlarge)
Screen-2 (click to enlarge)
Screen-3 (click to enlarge)

Create login

Faculties will not be able to login to EXMS unless their login is created. Creation of login is a process of generating username and password for the faculty which are used to login to EXMS. This is done as show in the Screen-2 and Screen-4.

Screen-2 (click to enlarge)
Screen-4 (click to enlarge)

Assigning Rights

The access of each faculty member can be controlled by the rights given to them. The rights control access to module and the level of access. Following are the rights available:

  • Faculty can be given rights for one course (Administrator has rights for all courses).
  • Multiple subjects can be assigned to the faculty.
  • Rights to perform different action for Faculties.
  • Rights to perform different action for students.
  • Rights for Question Bank.
  • Rights for assessments.
  • General System Rights.

The screen-5 below show the screen which is used to grants rights to particular faculty.

Screen-5 (click to enlarge)
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