The Electronic Exam Management System

A highly versatile, reliable, customizable, affordable and easy to use exam management system. Precisely engineered keeping in mind academic institute's needs and demands during their academic examination process.
With just a few clicks, you can:

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Simple faculty management with respect to add/update/delete of faculty. Each faculty member can have their login where they can control the students and exams and also modules like question bank, assessment and results.


Module managed by faculty to control the students acadamic session. Each student has his/her personal login where they can see the upcomming exams and appear for it and also all the historical results of their exams.


Online representation of the customary, paper based academic examination process. Question paper is prepared using question bank for each susbject and sudents can view/solve it on any wifi device inside the campus.


Automatic valuation of exams and hassle-free publishing of results. Depending on the settings, students can view results just after the exam along with the answers. Faculty can get collective results for publishing and analysis.

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